Another successful tournament! Winter Phoenix Event

Well done to all participants of the recent Naas LTC Winter Phoenix Event during the Christmas / New Year break. To those players who scored the milestone of their first ever National Ranking points – Congratulations, your journey has just begun. And, to those who have now broken through the Grade 1 Phoenix 125 National Point barrier we wish you good luck on your travels on the National Tournament Calendar throughout season 2016.

Please keep an eye for further Phoenix Level, and other tournaments to be held at Naas LTC in the near future.

Head over to the facebook page to see some photos!


Junior Club Championships 2015

Hi Juniors,

As we’re already into August, it is time to look ahead to our annual Junior Club Championships. This tournament caters for all our juniors aged 10 to 18 years old and we hope all available will enter. This year the tournament will run from the 17th – 22nd August (Monday – Saturday). The matches from Monday to Friday will all be played in the afternoon (1pm – 5pm). This is to facilitate the running of a seventh week of our children’s summer camp in the morning. This year we are delighted to have Fabucci Footwear onboard as tournament sponsors. Much planning has gone into the week and we hope to see a high entry from all our junior members.
The specific rules of this tournament are as follows:
1. You can enter a maximum of three events (one singles, one doubles and one mixed doubles).
2. You MUST play in your appropriate age group (U12s, U14s or U16/18s).
3. The entry deadline is Wednesday the 12th August at Midnight. THAT IS ONE WEEK AWAY!!
To calculate your age group think back to the 31st of December 2014 and note what age you were on that date.
If you were 10 or 11 years old you must enter U12 events.
If you were 12 or 13 years old you must enter U14 events.
If you were 14 or 15 or 16 or 17 years old you must enter U16/18 events.
We have singles, doubles and mixed doubles events for each age group. If you do not have a partner but wish to play either doubles events please enter and check the box saying “Partner required” and we will do our best to find you a partner.
The entry fees for this tournament are as follows:
One event = €5
Two events = €3
Three events = €2
All entries and payment of entry fees must be made online here
All online entries require a Tennis Ireland PIN. We are encouraging all our juniors to register for their PIN as it will be used for entry to all tournaments (both senior and junior) across Ireland for the foreseeable future
To register for a TI PIN click here, click sign-up and fill out the relevant steps (it may take up to 3 working days to receive your TI PIN).
If you have any queries relating to any aspect of this tournament please contact Kevin Boonstra (Tournament Director) by emailing:
Yours in tennis,
Naas LTC Junior Committee

Leinster Tennis 2015 Junior League Update

Well done to all our Juniors who represented Naas LTC in the Leinster Tennis junior leagues. We had 6 teams involved in the u12 league and 3 teams in the u17 league. The teams performed really well, it was a great experience for all involved and they have done the club proud. A special thanks to the captains for looking after the teams and making sure lifts were available to and from the venues.

A special mention to the u12 Class1 girls team who have made it to the Finals, and will play Clontarf LTC on June 7th (location to be announced). We wish the very best of luck to all the girls involved – Sophie Browne, Laura Carroll, Ava Fanning, Saidhbh Farrell, Lucy Hogan, Emma McCabe, Aida McNamee, Grace Maloney and their captains Marguerite McCabe and Heather Hogan.

New Sponsor for the Naas LTC Senior Open 2105

The Naas LTC Open 2015 is about to kick off – from 24 May to 31 May.

We are very happy to announce our new sponsor for the NaasLTC Senior Open 2015 this year… Naas Credit Union

Looking forward to a fantastic partnership for this event!

Remember, if you are looking for a competitive loan or interested in opening a savings account, check their website at:

Or click on their name in the post above to check out & their facebook page!

All under 10’s…have a look!

For our under 10’s…..children born 2005 and who have been playing the Tennis 10’s circuit this year and already hold a Level 1 or 2 Leinster Match Record Card there is an under 10’s event in DCU on Saturday 2nd May. PLEASE note players MUST hold the correct level record card.

On-line entry is now available:

Tennis 10’s Passports

We should remind you that any child seeking to move up a level in Tennis 10’s should hold a valid Tennis 10’s passport. The next assessment is early JUNE and all enquiries should be received by Friday 29th May 

A child requesting a passport should be technically ready to move to the next level and any enquiry must be supported by the child’s tennis coach. Information about Tennis 10’s passports can be found on the Leinster Tennis Website

Leinster Provincial Towns Tournament – May Bank Holiday Weekend

Leinster Provincial Towns are running their Annual Junior Phoenix Tournament in a combination of clubs including NaasLTC  over the May Bank Holiday Weekend

This tournament if for children who have less than 100 Leinster ranking points and who are only starting to play in tournaments.  We ask that as many of our applicable junior players enter this tournament as they are excellent for juniors who are playing socially but would like to try out the competitive side of the game.

More information on the Phoenix circuit can be found on the Leinster Tennis Website:

On-line entry is now available:


We look forward to seeing lots of Naas juniors involved!


On Top of the World – World Team Tennis Championships


I am so privileged to have represented Ireland and captained the over 35’s at the recent world team tennis championships, which was held in Club Alibey, Antayla, Turkey.  This has been an incredible journey for me personally, so to ensure I was in the best shape possible I went training in the gym five times per week. I lost 28lbs but mainly focussed on increasing my speed and strength. (I’ll be continuing with this regime permanently, to maintain this level of fitness).

It is an experience like no other – where you get to play against different styles of players, see their attitudes as well as learn a huge amount by watching the various other matches.

I found it challenging as our matches were played on red clay, a surface I had not played on previously, so it took a bit of getting used to (the clay in DCU where we practiced was nothing like this surface).  We were playing in 20+ degrees of heat and most of the Irish players suffered from blisters at some point (“Compeed” works a treat!).

unnamed[2] (2)

It wasn’t just the surface of the courts we had to adjust to – the opposition players had a very different style to what we are used to. They hit with very heavy topspin pushing you nearly to the back fence and then wait on their moment to hit a winner. They are extremely consistent and precise with their shots – and they have all the shots! They got to balls you wouldn’t believe, and didn’t just get them back but played winners. Almost all of them could dropshot from just about any position on the court and they used this to great effect.

Our first match was against Germany the no. 6 seeds (although they were eventual winners); we put up a good fight but they were too strong.  We then played the no. 3 seeds – USA – on St. Patrick’s Day. Although we lost on the tennis front we got on famously with the American team and ultimately the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations went on well into the wee hours of the morning.  They were delighted with some of the singing and Irish dancing performances! The next day, we played Sweden and then finally South Africa – again very close matches with some excellent tennis decided only by a third set each time.


Ireland had a team of 24 in total divided into 4 over 35’s, 4 over 40’s and 4 over 45’s men and women and to say I had the best time of my life with the best people, I have made some lifelong friends an incredible experience I will never forget.  The atmosphere & team spirit was tangible and with almost all the opposition teams staying in the same complex, it must be what it feels like to be in an Olympic village. Representing Ireland at this competition was truly an unforgettable experience and one which I would dearly love to repeat!




Hi Naas LTC Senior Member,

I am excited to announce the first round of 4 Week Adult Serving Clinics with Master Coach Jonathan Coulston. All Adult abilities from Beginner to Social/Competitive to League players of all levels are invited to reply with an Expression Of Interest. In order to hasten the improvement of the serve in each player, we will then group players of similar ability… so please list all sessions that you will be available to attend.

These session have been used to great effect in the Naas LTC Junior Program since 2014, seeing many juniors enter a true performance level through simple focus on the most important shot in the game – The Serve. This intensive 4 Week Clinic also serves to compliment the Adult Coaching program which will also re-commence after the Easter break – those who miss out on Adult Coaching will find these sessions the perfect alternative to give intelligent focus and direction to their game.

This is a technical course. To make lasting change, ALL players are required to bring a Tennis Diary to take notes on sound serving fundamentals and of serving issues particular to them.

PLEASE NOTE: There are only 4 Serving Clinics available this round, so please reply ASAP. If Junior Serving Clinics do not fill this round, those sessions will then be offered to the Adult membership. Those who miss out on these New Adult Serving Clinics this offer will be placed on a waiting list for next term.


Please email ASAP to with the following details requested below. All replies must be received by Thursday April 9th.

  1. Session Times are as follows (Please mark more than one session, or all sessions available where possible so that we can more effectively group players by playing/serving standard):


LEVEL (Beginner, Improver, League+Class):


THURSDAY 7:30-8:30pm:

THURSDAY 8:30-9:30pm:

SATURDAY 10:30am-11:30am:

SATURDAY 11:30am-12:30pm:

(For Example:

NAME: Pete Sampras

LEVEL (Beginner, Improver, League+Class): League Class 1


THURSDAY 7:30-8:30pm: YES

THURSDAY 8:30-9:30pm: NO

SATURDAY 10:30am-11:30am: YES

SATURDAY 11:30am-12:30pm: YES)



Week 1 Sat 11th APR Thurs 16th APR
Week 2 Sat 18th APR Thurs 23rd APR
Week 3 Sat 25th APR Thurs 30th APR
Week 4 Sat 9th MAY Thurs 7th MAY



Generally, the 4 Week Serving Clinics will focus on the below issues, however will be modified to accommodate a standard where tactical serving is of more useful attention.

(Week/Date/Teaching Points-Session Focus)

Week 1:               STANCE – BALANCE – GRIP

Week 2:               TOSS – RHYTHM – TAKEBACK

Week 3:               FULL EXTENSION – SLICE CONTACT

Week 4:               REVIEW




Justin Clarke

Director Of Tennis