League Finals and Junior Open this weekend

Dear members, this weekend (Sat June 30th and Sun July 1st) our club will be completely booked out until 7PM each day. On Saturday, Dublin League finals will be using our 11 courts from 10am to 7pm – there will be 3 of our teams playing so please check the schedule here. On Sunday, the Junior Open kicks off early in the morning, with the 11 courts booked until 6pm, and 8 more until 7.30pm. If you don’t get to play – at least you will enjoy some great tennis! Go on Naas LTC!

New Website’s up!

Dear members, dear internet users, we’re back! A new version of Naasltc.net has now been launched to make sure the website is compatible with Google Chrome and Apple Devices. Hopefully you like it as well 🙂

In the following weeks we’ll keep updating the website with more information, galleries, videos etc. If you think something is missing please email webmaster@naasltc.net and we will discuss it further.

Send your feedback at webmaster@naasltc.net