All under 10’s…have a look!

For our under 10’s…..children born 2005 and who have been playing the Tennis 10’s circuit this year and already hold a Level 1 or 2 Leinster Match Record Card there is an under 10’s event in DCU on Saturday 2nd May. PLEASE note players MUST hold the correct level record card.

On-line entry is now available:

Tennis 10’s Passports

We should remind you that any child seeking to move up a level in Tennis 10’s should hold a valid Tennis 10’s passport. The next assessment is early JUNE and all enquiries should be received by Friday 29th May 

A child requesting a passport should be technically ready to move to the next level and any enquiry must be supported by the child’s tennis coach. Information about Tennis 10’s passports can be found on the Leinster Tennis Website

Leinster Provincial Towns Tournament – May Bank Holiday Weekend

Leinster Provincial Towns are running their Annual Junior Phoenix Tournament in a combination of clubs including NaasLTC  over the May Bank Holiday Weekend

This tournament if for children who have less than 100 Leinster ranking points and who are only starting to play in tournaments.  We ask that as many of our applicable junior players enter this tournament as they are excellent for juniors who are playing socially but would like to try out the competitive side of the game.

More information on the Phoenix circuit can be found on the Leinster Tennis Website:

On-line entry is now available:


We look forward to seeing lots of Naas juniors involved!


Junior Easter Championships now accepting entries

The Naas LTC Junior Graded Easter Championship and Juvenile Cup 2015 is now open for entry!

Please click on the link below, select ‘Click here to enter online’, and follow the instructions.

Tournament Link

The event will run from Tuesday, 31st March to Finals Day on Saturday, 4th of April. The Closing Date for entries is Thursday, 26th of March. The schedule will be available online (at the link above) from Sunday, 29th March. All entries will receive an Easter Egg and all levels will be catered for, events include:

U9s (Saturday morning, 4th April)
U10s (Friday afternoon, 3rd April)
Boys Singles U12
Girls Singles U12
Boys Doubles U13
Girls Doubles U13
Juvenile Cup Boys (Boys Singles for 13 to 18 years)
Juvenile Cup Girls (Girls Singles for 13 to 18 years)

Cost will be 6euros for 1 event, and 8euros for 2 events.

Entries for this tournament will only be accepted online, and to do this, a TI pin number is required. If you’re child does not have one, please go to:

Request Tennis Ireland PIN Here

Click on NaasLTC and fill in the form. You will then receive your PIN via email, usually within 24 hours.

A New Year’s message from your Director of Tennis

Hi guys,

For many of the Naas LTC members out there, who I haven’t been introduced to as yet, I feel I should give some background to my time working in Ireland.

My name is Justin Clarke, a naturalised Irish citizen, native Australia, and Senior Performance Coach holding coaching qualifications with three different Professional Coaching authorities worldwide – LTA (United Kingdom), ATPCA – (Australia) and of course, a qualification from Tennis Ireland.

However, a coach can hold all the qualifications they might wish to yet it won’t matter at all, unless a is able to adapt their knowledge to their immediate surroundings. For me as a coach, player and employer, is this ability within a coach that is an unwritten, yet real-world qualification. This is not Spain, this is Ireland – and the Irish tennis condition will often ask a lot of a different set of tennis fundamentals than a continental European country.

For nearly a decade before coming to work at Naas LTC my coaching career has been spent largely working with High Performance Tennis Squads in Ireland, and this has been responsible for shaping the way I coach at all levels today.

During my tennis coaching career, it was not always the case that I would feel the need to run a competitive session so often. In my native Australia, for example, there are many tournaments year round for a player to engage in throughout their region, state or country. So, for frequently competitive players involved in heavy tournament schedules, squad training simply working with other players and a coach is enough – without points, without matches – just working hard on a facet of the game by itself in readiness for competition on the weekend is motivation enough to give 100%.

In stark contrast, the Irish junior tennis calendar owns a severe lack of tournaments for players to become used to the brutality of competition. There is just no possibility for a heavy, year round competitive tennis schedule. Simply put, it is my opinion that Irish junior tennis players do not spend time enough dealing with loss or learning to compete.

For near on a decade in Ireland I have seen hosts of junior players throw in the towel, become disillusioned with the sport and hang up the racquet because they suffered a few first round losses many months apart. However, on a global scale, suffering consecutive first round defeats is normal. In most countries, players might lose, yet still would be able enter a tournament the following weekend if they would wish. And the same the following weekend. In this totally natural way, there grows an understanding that in a 64 person draw, there will always be only one player who does not experience a loss – 63 players of 64 will taste what a loss feels like.

While Irish junior tennis players look every bit as good as a junior tennis player from another country technically, due to the lack of tournaments throughout the year in this country, unfortunately, Irish junior players do not own a ‘typical’ learning curve with regards to competition.

And so, throughout my tennis coaching career in Ireland, year upon year, I have found the increasing need to incorporate competition into each and every session I put on.

This is but one system of squad coaching in a sea of many, but for the Irish condition, I know it works.

A year before coming to work at Naas LTC, I had the opportunity of spending 8 years developing Irish junior players who travelled from all over the country to the indoor facility at West Wood Clontarf Rd. To give you all an example of a session in my final season there, in a squad of 20 players training for 3 hours on a Wednesday night, there were 3 players who were, within an 11 month period, all Nationally rated Irish Junior number #1’s – over 3 different age groups – Under 16, Under 14 and Under 12 – all training together – no complaints, just work – in the same program, all under the one roof and with each player understanding that once they walked through the gate they each had the equal chance of moving to the top court. 30 weeks a year. 7 days a week. And in each and every one of those 30 weeks, all players dealing with loss frequently. Learning to compete. Learning to lose. Learning to get up and try again.

Tennis is a brutal sport. You are alone. And yet, while it might be brutal and lonely, it will also teach a young person a lot of good lessons about life itself.

Whether the players themselves understand it or not, this squad system is a safe and regular way to learn to deal with the pressures of competition in a country where the amount of tournament on offer means they will not. By attaching the

Another pleasing aspect for coaches working with this style of squad session is that many themes within the game of tennis such as tactical awareness, fairness & sound on court behaviour, player work ethic etc can be viewed under a more pressurised condition. While nothing can ever really match the real nerves of match play, a competitive, high quality session can get very close at times. This system I employed in my performance squads in the past will work within the ‘New Naas system’. This is the new Naas system of ‘Improving together by working together’.

This season, I will continue to work with all my coaches to help introduce the New Naas System. I have proved it works in Ireland. It has even gained me an Irish citizenship. I will give 100%, just the same as every other year here in Ireland. I have proved enough. And so, whether it is proved at Naas LTC is not just up to me or the coaches. All the players must also get behind it – so I ask that all concerned get behind it. Give it a chance – It will take time but I know it will work!

If I have made a career in Ireland from bringing people together from different clubs across Leinster and Ireland, and showing them how to get better by working together, then, by rights, this should be much easier in a club setting… right…?

Before finishing, I should add that these 9 years of designing periodised high performance junior tennis programs has been for an Irish junior tennis calendar that is largely played on synthetic grass. Though, while the programs have been designed for synthetic grass, the vast majority of these programs been carried out on indoor hard court.

This year at Naas LTC will be the first year that my high performance program, a program that has been tweaked and refined each year for synthetic grass competition, will actually be carried out entirely on the synthetic grass surface itself – rain, hail or shine. All season.

Hard work can be fun. I hope you all have enjoyed being involved so far..




Justin Clarke

Director Of Tennis

Naas LTC

Kids Christmas Party!

image293Its Party Time for the Children of Naas Lawn Tennis Club!

This year Santa would like to do things a little bit different because he wants to stay for the



Date: Sunday 14th December 2014
Time: 2:00pm-4:00pm
Cost: €5 per child


2pm – 3pm Magic Show
3pm Santa arrives
3pm – 4pm Meet & Greet with Santa in Senior Clubhouse

Price includes all the above, a goody bag and a selection box.


Places are strictly limited to the first 120 children so please book early to avoid disappointment.

To book drop €5 in an envelope with the name of the child and parents contact number clearly marked on the envelope on or before Sunday 7th December 2014 there will be no facility to pay on the day do booking must be by the 7th of December.

Parents please note the following:

Because of the time of year we are keeping the price down by having a selection box INSTEAD of a gift for each child

Also this is a family event and parents must supervise their children at all times

Don’t forget to try our tea/coffee and Christmas mince pies fresh from our kitchen on the day

Under 10’s & Under 12’s JUNIOR OPEN 2014

This tournament is now live and taking entries (see link below)

Please note:
To play in the u12s section you need to be born in 2003 or 2004.
To play in the u10s section you need to be born 2005.
(Leinster Tennis Passport rules also apply.)

All children will need a TI pin number to enter. and there is a limitation on entry numbers as listed in some of the important regulations below:

1. Play will commence on Friday, October 24th from 3.30pm for U12 singles. Depending on draw size doubles participants may also be required to play on Friday from 3.30pm. U12 Finals will take place on Monday 28th October from 10:30am.

1a.The first round of the U10 Boys Singles and the U10 Girls Singles round robins (separate events) will be played on Saturday morning.

1b. A second round of matches for both the U10 Boys and the U10 Girls will be played on Monday morning. All U10 players must be available to play on both days.

2. Each U12 Singles Events will be limited to 48 participants and the U12 Doubles Events will be limited to 16 pairs. U10 events will be limited to 20 entries. These entry numbers will be STRICTLY adhered to, as this is a weekend tournament.

Link to tournament is here

We want to see a HUGE entry of our own NaasLTC kids, so get entering!!!

NaasLTC Junior Committee

New Junior Committee formed

We would like to introduce you to our new Junior Committee at Naas LTC.

We are:
Carol French (Co-ordinator)
Aoife Carey (Children’s officer)
Margaret Hughes
Karen McGrane
Ronan Ryle
Sunnie Flanagan
Declan Gardener (Boy’s junior captain)
Sophie O’Reilly (Girl’s junior captain)
Simon Sparrow (Club chairperson)

We will be working hard over the coming months to make sure all junior activities run smoothly and efficiently but most of all so the juniors get to play lots of tennis and have fun.

We will also be working very closely with our new Director of Tennis, Justin Clarke, who I am sure you will agree is already making great changes to how the junior programme is being run.
This is a very exciting time for Naas LTC!

Please remember we are volunteers! A big thanks to all the volunteers who continually give up their time and if you can please let us know when you too can help.

Please send all coaching queries to dot@naasltc and all other junior queries to

The Junior Committee