September 2015 – it’s kicking off again!

Please note that this coaching programme is STRICTLY for MEMBERS ONLY.

Instructions for parents:

If your child has participated in squads before, you will have received an email from our Director of Tennis, Justin Clarke.

If you are new to the club, and you (or your child) are interested in participating in the Junior Coaching programme, please email Justin Clarke @ dot@naasltc.net

** Note: If you are not receiving emails from either Justin or the club in general, please check your spam settings in your email programme – any issues, please email contact@naasltc.net and we will try to help.

Squad Naming Simplified:
When you are registering yourself or your child, there will be drop down menu where you will find your child’s name and some more information.

<NAME> <DAY>_Start-time_End-time <COST>

So the squad names are simple – it is the day followed by the time. So MON_1700-1830 is Monday from 17:00 to 18:30.  Simple!

Coaching Levels:
General Development Coaching – provides an introduction to the sport of tennis for all ages in a fun learning environment, while concentrating on a certain technical element of the game. (For example development of a stroke – forehand, backhand, volley or serve)

Tournament Level Coaching – for players who have put in the required number of hours to reach a level that is comfortable for Social and Competitive play. (Serve, Rally, Score)

Performance Coaching – for players that are able to demonstrate a mastery of several disciplines of the game, and have reached a tennis level suitable to League and Tournament Competition. (from Phoenix to National level).

Remember the catchphrase…. AGE, ABILITY & ATTITUDE!!!!

Roll Calls:
Thanks to the good work of Junior Committee member Aoife Carey, Naas LTC are 1 of only 7 tennis clubs from Leinster, Munster and Connaught who are 100% Child Protection compliant.  Feel free to check this out at: www.tennisireland.ie/clubs/child_protection/compliant_clubs

To ensure we remain so, we are introducing mandatory Squad Roll Calls to be taken each week. When you book a squad place on line you are automatically registered on our system and on the respective squad roll call and no further action needs to be taken by you.

Any player not on an official Squad Roll Call will not be permitted to take part in that week’s squad session. There is no allowable circumstance where an exception will be made to this rule. This is in the interest of player, coach and club.

As per above, when you select your child at registration, the cost of the squad s the last piece of information.  Squad places will be forfeited should squad fees not be received before or during Week ONE of your 8 week squad programme. All fees must be put in an envelope, posted into the Naas LTC Post Box, and CLEARLY MARKED WITH the following information:

  • Child Name
  • Squad Name
  • Parent’s Mobile
  • Parent’s email address
  • Amount of Fee Enclosed
 Note: where information is missing or illegible, squad place may be forfeited

Squad Selection:
Squad selection is subject to final approval of the Director of Tennis (DOT).  The DOT (based on own judgement or feedback from relevant Squad Coaches) reserves the right to move a child based on AGE, ABILITY & ATTITUDE to another squad.

Term Dates:

WEEK 1 SAT 12th Sept
WEEK 2 SAT 19th Sept
WEEK 3 SAT 26th Sept
WEEK 4 SAT 03rd Sept
WEEK 5 SAT 10th Oct
WEEK 6 SAT 17th Oct
MID TERM BREAK (24th – 30th October)
WEEK 7 SAT 31st Oct
WEEK 8 SAT 07th Nov
WEEK 9 SAT 14th Nov


Book online now via link sent to you!

Registration will close on Tuesday the 8th September

Contact dot@naasltc.net if you have any further information.

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