Open Days held in NaasLTC

The Open Days we have held in the club have been an incredible success!!

The first event was held in early Summer 2011, and after the incredible success of that year’s event we repeated it on the 24th June 2012, and more recently on the 27th pf June, 2015. 

To give you a taste of what happened, you can see to the left one of the leaflets from 2011, which we delivered to over 10000 homes in the Kildare area, and which we replaced with a dynamic facebook marketing campaign in 2015 – but the theme remained the same!

1. Who can go to the Naas LTC Open Day?
Everyone is welcome and it’s FREE! Did you know that tennis is one of the few sports for life and suitable for all ages? So come along and try it out. We guarantee to have you playing a game with SERVE! RALLY! SCORE! within 20 minutes of first holding a racquet.

2. What equipment do I need and what do I wear?
Just wear a tracksuit, shorts, t-shirt and runners and come on down! Racquets and balls will be provided.

3. Why is tennis a game for all the family?
Tennis is one of the few sports where all the family can participate together. Whether you want a gym type workout through our Cardio Tennis or wish to play Mini, Midi or Full court tennis, come along and try it all. We have something suitable for all the family.

4. If I like tennis and wish to join, are there any special offers?
Yes, we have a very special ‘18 for 12’ offer for new members – 18 months membership for the price of 12. You can pay by standing order for 6 months and have nothing more to pay until January 2014! Not only that, if you choose to join on the open day, you can sign up for a FREE 4 week group coaching session. Note: this offer is only valid on the Open Day itself.

5. What else is happening on the Naas LTC Open Day?
We have a BBQ, bouncy castles, a Wii games room, table tennis, pool table, kids sweet shop, bar and exhibition tennis matches…. not to mention the KFM roadster live from Naas LTC!

6. What is Naas LTC?
Naas LTC is in the Top 10 Irish Tennis Clubs, ranked by facilities and membership numbers. It is owned and run by its members. There are over 1200 members (600 seniors and 600 juniors approx). Come along on the 24th and we can tell you a little more!

7. OK, OK, OK! We want to go, what do we do now?
Just one thing – turn up and try it out! You are free to join us for an hour or two, three or stay for the whole day on Sunday 24th June between 11am and 4pm…. See you then!

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