Hi all…its that time again!  Junior Summer Camp is now open for booking as it starts next week on July the 4th.
We have developed a new online booking system to help with the management of the camp, so PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.

1). you need to register EACH CHILD.  We recommend that you set the username as the childs name and if you have more than one child, use the same password for all and same email for all, i.e.:
child1 user name: firstnamelastname
child2 user name: firstnamelastname
This will make it easier to remember login and passwords to the system. Please make a note of all the user names and passwords as you register!!!!

2). once you are registered in the system, you will be able to make multiple bookings (up to a week in advance).  This is a huge improvement on the old system.  One login for each child and then you can pick the dates you want the child to attned the camp (including the early bird).

Note: the camp has limited places, and the system will STOP taking bookings once this limit is reached.

Link: http://naasltc.net/index.php/play-tennis/juniors-summer-camp-2016/