Lighting and Fencing works have started…

The lighting and fencing on Courts 1 to 8 is being upgraded!  This will cause some disruption, but please bear with us – it will be worth it!  A quick overview of the timings of this project:
Project started on Monday 1st Feb and will be complete by Friday 11th March – weather permitting. The last week has been very difficult and we have lost approx. 2 work days over the last 10 days due to weather.
It is planned that at most 2 courts will be out of action at any one time, primarily due to the necessity to bring new cabling to the centre poles. It is planned but not guaranteed that all courts will have lighting at all times, even during the change over from the old fittings to the new fittings. This may change due to logistical reasons but at most two courts will be out of action from no more than one night…..a big shout out to Shane Spring for managing this project!