Naas LTC Smart Club Cloud roll-out

Hi everyone,

As per emails please see below for further information on the Smart Club Cloud roll-out.

From Monday the 21st of May the roll-out will begin.  You will receive 2 emails, one containing your username and one containing your password.  Your username will be in the format firstname.surname,membership ID.  An example would be if your name is Joe Bloggs and your membership ID is 1234 your username will be Joe.Bloggs.1234.  Your password will be generated randomly and can be changed.

There will be 3 categories as follows:

  1. Seniors – Senior news, competitions, league, coaching and social events..
  2. Junior – Junior news, competitions, league and coaching.
  3. Mobile opt in – Receive news via text message.

These can be changed at any time via your Smart Cloud account.