Naas LTC Smart Club Cloud roll-out assistance

Hi everyone,

As per emails please see below for further information on the Smart Club Cloud roll-out.

From Monday the 21st of May the roll-out will begin.  You will receive 2 emails, one containing your username and one containing your password.  Your username will be in the format firstname.surname,membership ID.  An example would be if your name is Joe Bloggs and your membership ID is 1234 your username will be Joe.Bloggs.1234.  Your password will be generated randomly and can be changed.

There will be 8 categories as follows:

  1. Club General – General news about the club such as for example court updates, club development updates, request for help/volunteers, teams in league playoffs/finals, staff recruitment and retirement etc.
  2. Senior Competitions and League – Notifications about upcoming senior competitive events (note that as juniors over the age of 14 qualify for league this may also be appropriate for parents of juniors)
  3. Senior Coaching – Opportunities for club coaching and league training for senior or student members
  4. Social events – Upcoming social events in the club and club related events held outside the club
  5. Miscellaneous Senior News – Anything that falls outside the above categories
  6. Junior Competitions and League  – Notifications about upcoming junior competitive events
  7. Junior coaching – Opportunities for club coaching and training for Junior members
  8. Miscellaneous Junior News – Anything junior related not covered by the above

You may opt into any of these – by default you are opted out (as per the GDPR).

Please be aware that if you do not complete the Smart Cloud registration process we will no longer be able to send you emails (with the exception of membership renewal and AGM emails, per club rules).

There will be assistance provided for sign up in Naas LTC on Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th of June between 7:30pm and 8:30pm.

We will post a document on Monday May 21st as soon as we have had a chance to take a few screenshots of the processes.