Please note that the following persons have been nominated for the various positions on the 2012 / 2013 Executive Committee by the members set out below.

Position: President
Nominee: Hubie De Burgh
Nominated by Breffini Carpenter & Julian Morrison

Position: Chairman
Nominee: Simon Sparrow
Nominated by: Julian Morrison & Breffini Carpenter

Position: Honorary Secretary
Nominee: David Doyle
Nominated by: Simon Sparrow & David Gibbons

Position: Honorary Treasurer
Nominee: Finola Maughan
Nominated by: Ronan Ryle & PJ Grogan

Position: Ladies Captain
Nominee: Kate Jeffers
Nominated by: Finola Maughan & Alastair Wallace

Position: Mens Captain
Nominee: P.J. Grogan
Nominated by: Alastair Wallace & Julian Morrison

Dated this 11th day of October 2012.

A more detailed agenda will be sent out with a link to the AGM reports over the next week.

Simon Sparrow
Honorary Secretary