JUNIORS Compass tournament

What is a Compass tournament?

The Compass Tournament gives an opportunity to all juniors regardless of their ability a chance to play matches. It gives players a chance to put into practice their learning from their coaching sessions in a ‘real’ match environment. As the tournament progresses players will be drawn against others of a similar ability. Matches are organised by the juniors or parents and there is a set date by which matches must be played.

Players are divided by the colour ball they use in coaching.


Upcoming Compass tournament: 24th February – mid May 2014

All players get at least 3 matches and because of the compass format should end up playing other juniors of a similar standard. It also gives our players an opportunity to play other juniors in a less competitive environment and to have some fun playing tennis. The hope is that this will run
alongside coaching terms for the foreseeable future.

  • Ages 8 – 14 catered for
  • Contact email adress is compassnaas@gmail.com
  • Coordinator: Carol French
  • Participation is free including an end of tournament prize for all players

See the tournament results of May 2012.
See the tournament results of October 2012.


Tennis Balls definitions

To find out more about the tennis ball colours please click here →


Register your child for the Compass tournament by 22 February 2014