Ladder Tournament

1. Ladies’ Ladder (Suspended during Covid-19 Phases)

The structure of the new ladder has changed from the previous box/assigned ladder fixtures, offering flexibility of fixtures from above and below your position on the ladder.

Provisional ladder positions have been assigned for March-April ladder to allow play begin, hopefully giving all participants an opportunity for a challenging & enjoyable match/matches.

The new ladder rules are:

● Any lady eligible to play on Dublin Senior League and being a member of Naas Lawn Tennis Club can participate in the Ladies Ladder.

● The Ladder will run from January to November with a yearly review.

● The first ladder is to cover 6 weeks from 15th March to 30th April 2017 and all the following ladders to be run on a monthly basis.

● A minimum of one match per month is to be played, in the singles and doubles ladder.

● A maximum of five matches is permitted to be played in a month.

● Each player or doubles pair may challenge up to 5 places above or 2 places below.

● The first challenge is to be against any player or doubles pair upwards to 3 places from your position with the exception of no.1 position on the ladder who is to challenge positions below.

● Each match will be the best of 3 sets. A different format can be agreed before the match starts (for example, championship tiebreak in the 3rd set).

● Players are responsible for booking courts and providing balls & lights.

● When booking a court online please select ͞Friendly as a match type in the dropdown menu.

● Winners are to register the score on the ladder notice board.

● The ladder system will be used for rewarding both participation & performance.

● Due to the nature of the ladder a walkover is not applicable. However, in the exceptional circumstances please contact the ladder organiser should the need for a substitution arise.

● Players can freeze their position for up to 2 months within a year provided the organiser has been notified 1 month in advance.

● Due to personal circumstances players may opt out and later rejoin the ladder at any time provided the organiser has been notified in advance.

● Failure to fulfil the minimum number of fixtures will result in your place being reviewed.

● Players with 2 consecutive months of inactivity will be subject to removal from the ladder.

The Ladder Table will be displayed in the clubhouse lobby at the beginning of each month and any new players can sign up by adding their details on to the next month ladder at any time.

How to enter results: please have W for win, L for loss, then your opponent’s initial and score.


The Ladies Ladder team welcomes all constructive feedback & suggestions as the new ladder system evolves. Any questions can be addressed to Trish Maher at or Olga Zuka at


And the last, but not least, enjoy your game!


Ladies Ladder team

2. Men’s Ladder (Suspended during Covid-19 Phases)

What is the ladder tournament?

The ladder tournament is a all-year-round tournament for competitive tennis players (no matter the level). It’s only suitable for players who are interested in playing 2 matches per month. There is a Singles competition and a Doubles competition.

How does the ladder work?

1) Join the ladder by clicking <HERE> (Note suspended during Covid-19 phases. No link).  It’s free. Need 100% commitment though!
2) You will join a “box” on the 1st of next month. Each box consists of 3 players (or pairs).
3) You have to schedule and play those 2 players / pairs by the end of the month.
4) At the end of each month, promotions and relegations take place. So, new “boxes” are created for the following month.

What are the ladder Rules?

1. Any person eligible to play on Dublin Senior League can participate.
2. It is responsibility of all players to arrange & complete all the matches by the end of the month.
3. Each match is “best of 3 sets”. A different format can be agreed before the match starts. Players will be awarded 1 point for each set won. A walkover is worth 1 point.
4. At the end of every round, the best player will be moved 1 group up, the last will go 1 down. Ranking is done in order of: POINTS – WINS – WIN OVER the SAME RANKED OPPONENT – DRAW.
5. The ladder coordinator WILL remove inactive players to maintain the successful running of the tournament. Not filling the result sheet by the end of the month is a sign of inactivity.
6. Any issues that arise can be submitted to the relevant captain in writing only after consultation with each party and the ladder coordinator. The captain will advise both parties of the binding decision.

Why and When should I opt out of the ladder?

>> If you can’t play, other people won’t be able to play. The tournament will implode on its own :(. So, follow these suggestions:
1) If you’re not able to play for 1 month, give walkovers and remain in the tournament.
2) If you’re not able to play for more than 1 month, or can’t manage to play 2 matches/month anymore, please opt out. You can rejoin anytime you like.
3) Make sure you fill the result sheet at the end of the month (no matter if the match wasn’t played), or you will be removed (sorry!).

How do I Quit the ladder?

Simply tick the box beside your name from the tournament sheet @ tennis club.

How do I Join the ladder?

The ladder is suspended during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Please check in with the Ladies or Mens Captain if you wish to know more.  Email: and your query will be redirected to the correct person.