Naas LTC wants to offer a continuous development programme for adults wanting to pick-up their game or advance their current level.

The Senior Coaching Programme has been designed by our coaches and it will cater for the following levels:

Beginner – these classes will start at the very beginning:

  • How to hold the racquet
  • How to keep score
  • Tennis & Court etiquette
  • The fundamentals of proper technique for all strokes

Improver – An improver has a solid understanding of the fundamentals of all the shots, and can consistently keep the ball in play in a friendly situation. This course is suitable for Beginner Course Graduates, current active social players looking to progress, or experienced players looking for sound habits and instruction upon returning to the game after a length of time away.

League – League coaching tends to be ran as we approach a league campaign (Winter, Summer, etc.).  The levels offered would vary on the League team levels.

If you, as a member, are interested in private coaching with one of our coaches – check out their profiles here