Naas LTC has 11 courts, all of which are floodlit for evening play up until 23:30.

8 of the courts are an artificial grass court (Domo TopSpin).  They are a fast court, and variants can be found in every club in the country. They allow play in any weather, but the ball bounce is lower and faster than other surfaces

Location: Courts 4 through to 11

The 3 newest courts are based on the latest generation of clay courts developed by Red Plus in Italy. These have been designed with Irish weather in mind and can sustain rain & frost allowing us to play on them all year round.

Advantages of clay are a slower ball bouncing higher, and less wear on the ankle and hip joints! It also allows our performance players train to help them should they play abroad.

Location: Courts 1 to 3

From September to March each year, we erect what is known as “The Dome” over courts 9 to 11. This is an airhall that is inflated over the 3 courts allowing tennis no matter the weather….unless we get a very bad storm or a foot of snow.

In these cases we “drop” the Dome, and wait for the weather to pass and re-inflate within a couple of hours.

Location: Courts 9 to 11

The floodlights are operated using a Fob system. Fobs are available to all members – please email to arrange if you did not receive a fob, or have lost it.

To play, you must be a member, and you must book a court.  You can visit our booking system here. If you have not received your username and password (or have forgotten your password), please email

Court availability, when busy, is monitored by a Duty Officer in the evenings. The Duty Officer’s decision on Court Provision is final, and is supported by the Committee. Scheduled Competition Matches take precedence over all other matches.

The primary role of our Duty Officers in the club is to help with the allocation of courts.

During competitions and summer months there can be a high demand for courts. The Duty Officer is there to try and ensure that everyone gets on court specifically during competitions.  They are also able to top up your fob & sell you tennis balls, grips, and water.

Our club is run by volunteers and currently the duty officer role requires approximately two hours a night, once a month. If you wish to volunteer reach out!